How To Make Delicious The Popular Roman Street Food - Pizza Fritta

dinner lunch snack Aug 02, 2019

Pizza Fritta is Roman street food. It has been a popular menu item of mine over the years - with my staff and family in particular. The crust is fried - hence the word fritta, but it is cloud-like airy. If I were going to have a food truck, this might be what I'd be serving.

Food truck aside, one of my favorite ways to serve pizza fritta is in a "make your own pizza" bar. The crust lends itself beautifully to all sorts of toppings. I certainly do cover the traditional Italian, New York, and Chicago style toppings in my offerings. I also include grapes, feta, brie, and even figs if they are in season.

When entertaining, I fry the dough right before my guests arrive. I find it best to get the hot oil out of the way. I start the guests working on creating their pizzas immediately and then finish them off in the oven. Proper oil temperature is critical when frying the crust. Aim for 375º F. If the temperature is too low, the dough will take on oil. If the temperature is too high, it will cook on the outside, but not all the way through.
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