Roasted New Potatoes with Bacon and Apple Cider Maple Bacon Dressing

dinner sides Aug 23, 2019

Even though maple trees are tapped as the weather gets a bit warmer in the Spring, Fall is when I start thinking about actually using it in recipes. That is because it goes so well with vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and of course - potatoes. Maple syrup is also a delicious partner with pork. So, with those two things in mind, this is a delightful recipe.
It takes about 40 pounds of maple sap to make one pound of maple syrup, so it's no wonder that maple syrup is expensive. There is no substitute for the real thing though, even though there are maple-flavored options on the market.  
The best place to store maple syrup is in your refrigerator. It is susceptible to bacterial growth, and that makes the cooler temperature of a fridge the best option. If it crystallizes, warm it in its container in a pot of water on the stove until the crystals dissolve. This recipe, by the way, is a good one to keep in your back pocket for the holidays.
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