How To Make Butternut Squash Pancakes With Apple Maple Syrup Sauce For A Fall Family Treat

I demo this squash pancake recipe in the Fall every year at the Minneapolis Farmers Market! It’s absolutely a crowd-pleaser. One of my favorite things about dishes like this is that they work just as well in the morning as they do in the evening. Who doesn’t LOVE “breakfast for dinner”! Also, children like the sauce, which is easily made without alcohol - no substitutions necessary to eliminate it.  The sauce would work well over vanilla ice-cream too!



Here are a few points that are critical to the success of the recipe. I blanch the grated squash before making the batter. This process ensures that the squash will be cooked properly in the pancake; it's quick though so it retains its' texture.

Make sure your oil is hot in the pan. You need to create a good sizzle when you put the batter in; otherwise, the pancakes can absorb oil and won't brown properly. It's essential to let the pancakes brown before you flip them. Browning on the bottom holds the entire pancake together and makes flipping easy.

Alcohol adds flavor to the sauce. It's cooked off, but can be eliminated if you choose.

The sauce thickens as it cooks down and even more as it cools.

I love serving this recipe with Maple Cayenne Bacon, especially since I've already to the maple syrup out. Finally, I should mention that if you have any concerns about the inside of the pancakes being cooked. Keep your oven set at 375 and pop them in for 7 or 8 minutes. If the pancakes brown quickly, which is difficult to control, you can always use the oven to finish them off and also to keep them warm.


Enjoy making this family favorite and set an extra place at the table for me!

Buon Appetito!


Chef Laura



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