Cucumber Jalapeño Paletas

dessert mexican snack Jun 27, 2019

A paleta is a Mexican ice pop. Americans have ice cream, Italians have gelato and granitas, and the French have sorbets. Most cultures have a refreshing - beat the heat - treat. Paletas are one of my favorites. The fact that they are on a stick makes them fun and casual.

I started making small paletas (pops) for catering. Little desserts are one of my signatures. I'm always up for something sweet after a meal but rarely have a large dessert, so a small paleta is perfect in the Summer. The ingredients I've used to make paletas range from pineapple to roasted cherries. I've included tequila, and mescal, chilis, sour cream, horchata, and even coconut and avocado. The combinations are endless, and the treats are always well received. Cucumber Jalapeño is, by far, the favorite. I've even served this particular pop as a palette cleanser in the middle of a meal. Eating a small paleta in the middle of dinner definitely makes everyone smile.

I hope you enjoy the recipe! Happy Summer and

Buon Appetito!

Cucumber Jalapeño Paletas



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