How to Make Cauliflower Steaks with Walnut Caper Gemolata

Cauliflower earned its' place at our Holiday table when I was growing up. My grandmother would cut it into florets, coat it with a light batter and fry it. It was delicious and so special we considered it a special occasion dish. So much so, that I can't ever recall having it outside of our Thanksgiving or Christmas Day table. I don't mean that particular cauliflower dish, I mean cauliflower at all. Well, times have changed. I roast, saute, rice, grill, or do something with cauliflower at least once a week.


Cauliflower is so beautiful when prepared in steaks. This recipe uses the entire cauliflower and allows you to eat the very edible stem. I’ve served these as a vegetarian option when catering - but I’ve learned to make extra! Meat eaters love them too! Sautéing or roasting cauliflower will take the "cabbagey" quality away and replace it with a nutty flavor. I dare say that most people that dislike cauliflower haven't had it prepared this way or roasted. I can make a blanket statement: most vegetable dislikes stem from poor preparation, or from eating a mushy canned or frozen version. So if gray canned peas haunt you, try them fresh from the garden in the Spring.


When serving as a side dish, carefully cut the steaks in half - top through the stem. Cauliflower steaks are also a perfect Holiday side-dish. You can make the gremolata and even finish the steaks ahead of time. Just reheat the purée and the steaks for 5 minutes at 350 degrees before serving.


As far as nutritional benefits go, cauliflower is anti-inflammatory, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin K. Uncooked cauliflower will keep for up to two weeks in your refrigerator crisper. Store in a plastic bag - with small perforations or top open.

I hope you love the recipe!  Buon Appetito!  


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