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Bonicelli Cooking Club is a virtual and interactive membership-based club 

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Video Lessons with Chef Laura Bonicelli

Cooking is so much easier if you can see exactly what a technique is and what the final product should look like.  Chef Bonicelli translates her vast experience in the commercial kitchen into informative and innovative lessons that will transform your cooking experience and your final culinary creation.

Delicious, Innovative, and Original Recipes

Chef Bonicelli draws from an arsenal of information and recipes that she shares in lesson after lesson.  Plan on keeping a couple of folders on your desktop to hold the lesson information and recipes.  You will want to keep every single download.  

New Content Weekly

Lessons are added weekly.  The content is seasonally driven; there is always something new.  The subject matter ranges from basic cooking techniques to show-stopping recipes and presentations.  (club membership only)


Chef Bonicelli hosts weekly live webinars and office hours via the Zoom website.  Club members can also join  the Facebook Bonicelli Cooking Club Forum.  (club membership only)

Become an inspired, organized, and confident cook!

Shop Better

Learn to plan and buy the best--and use your ingredients effectively.

Cook Better

Be inspired and become an inspiration with great technique, recipes, and information.

Eat Better

Cooking at home with ease and confidence will lead to a healthier lifestyle and body.  

Live Better

Make food and lifestyle the center of your family and community.  

Learn from the perspective of a professional chef and avid home cook.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bonicelli Cooking Club membership is designed for people who want any-time online access to ever expanding content.   Over time, most of the club content will be bundled and sold (for example: The Basics and individual classes) for people who want to download classes or want to have unlimited access without a monthly fee. 

The classes each contain as many lessons as Chef Laura deems necessary to cover the material.  They range from 4 to 10 lessons per class.  

Please contact Chef Laura directly and she will help you with anything you need.  [email protected] Office hours are every Saturday at 1 PM.  

Lessons are all under 30 minutes.  

Lessons are designed to be watched in order, but you can always jump around if you want to.  You can also watch lessons as many times as you want. 

You can cancel your membership at any time.  All content is available for paying members, so it's all here waiting for you when you rejoin.  Aside from access to content, on-going membership includes live-webinars, office hours, and immediate access to new content.

"Because of my crazy schedule, I always had trouble getting dinner on the table. When I joined Bonicelli Cooking Club, I learned better techniques for planning, shopping and cooking. It has improved my life immensely. I love being inspired!"


"One of my biggest concerns was that the information would be too advanced for me - or not advanced enough. Well, some of the lessons and recipes are basic. but really valuable and they are so much more in depth than what I thought I would be getting. I feel challenged and I'm cooking at a much higher level than I anticipated!"

Denise O.

"Used Israeli feta for the quiche as you recommended - delicious! I made the beef for Valentines Day and Mark said it's the best dish I've ever made. He's also remarked several times on how much calmer I am in the kitchen - thanks to learning mise en place from you. I'm so glad you decided to teach non-foodies like me to make good food. I am learning a lot and loving it!"


"I am almost done with "The Basics" and I have learned so much. I thought I knew my way around a kitchen, but Chef's perspective has completely changed how I cook and how I think about cooking. Every lesson has basic knowledge and lots of new information. I think the classes have appeal and value to cooks at any level. "

Susan B.

"Honestly, I thought I'd join for a month or two - get what I needed and quit. I'm just being honest. But, I'm so hooked on the new bi-weekly content! I look forward to it and I'm actually up to date on all of the lessons. There were a lot of lessons already published when I joined, now there's even more!"


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